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Hot Hare Balloon

Hot Hare Balloon Tour of the Energizer Bunny®!

Energizer Bunny® Hot “Hare” Balloon Tour

The Energizer Bunny® Hot “Hare” Balloon soars, every year, over America’s most-beautiful landscapes. This year, in support of the Energizer partnership with the National Park Foundation, the Energizer Bunny® Hot “Hare” Balloon crew is helping to make sure some of those national treasures are preserved for future generations to enjoy.
On his way to some of his favorite balloon festivals, the Energizer Bunny® Hot “Hare” Balloon will stop in cities that are home to some of America’s most loved national parks. As part of each visit, the balloon crew will host a volunteer event, raise awareness for supporting our parks and educate the public on how they can get involved. now that’s positivenergy
Do you have a photo or a story about the Energizer Bunny® Hot “Hare” Balloon that you’d like to share? Join us on Facebook: For more information on Energizer’s support of our national parks, go to
Be a Hot Hare Volunteer
To volunteer when the Energizer Bunny® Hot “Hare” Balloon Team comes to a town near you, email the pilot at Volunteers are needed for both balloon festivals and national park volunteer events.
Come See Us In Flight
Check out the special event schedule to see when the Energizer Bunny® Hot “Hare” Balloon will breeze into your community for a balloon festival. To see the list of national park volunteer events, go to
How Big? Really Big.
The Energizer Bunny® Hot “Hare” Balloon is the tallest hot air balloon in the country – and, who knows, maybe the world. He towers 15 feet over the Statue of Liberty and weighs half a ton.
Total Height:
166' — 15' taller than the Statue of Liberty
Ears Height:
60' — as tall as the Presidents' faces on Mount Rushmore. The ears alone are the height of an entire average-sized hot air balloon.
30' wide x 45' long
32' wide
45' diameter, 20' wide
16' wide
40' long
20' diameter
60' long, 12' wide, 4' deep
Shoe Size:
Balloon Volume:
180,000 cu. ft. — 550,000,000 AA batteries could fit inside the Energizer Bunny® Hot “Hare” Balloon. That's enough power to juice a portable CD player for everyone in the United States.
Balloon Weight:
1,170 lbs. — the same weight as 4,680 Energizer® MAX® D cell batteries, which would power 2,340 flashlights continuously for nine months.
Double Burner Output:
30,000,000 BTU/hour — the equivalent amount of heat produced by 5,000 gas grills.
Deflation Ports (Vents):
5,000 linear yards, 60' wide
84 miles
20 crew members are needed to facilitate safe inflation, take-off and landing. A regular round balloon only needs about five people.