Energizer® Emergency All-in-One Light


The Energizer® Emergency All-in-One Light pushes versatility in a whole new direction – two directions, actually! When held as an emergency flashlight, the unique design shines bright LED light forward and downward at the same time – ideal for safely lighting the way ahead. Switch between two light modes: the combined spot-and-downward light mode and area mode for bright and broad light.

Product Details

  • Simultaneous forward and downward illumination
  • Two LED light modes: spot-and-downward; broad area mode
  • Stable base stands up for hands-free use
  • Power-saving PowerSwitch Technology allows it to run on 4 or 2 AA batteries
  • Durable, droppable and water-resistant – the ideal emergency flashlight
  • Emergency flashlight includes two Energizer MAX® AA batteries