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US Battery Disposal Guidelines

Energizer encourages consumers to follow the guidelines below for safe disposal of batteries in the US.

As a first step, please determine the type of battery you have and then determine the appropriate disposal method. Note that regulations may vary in your municipality or state so please check your local regulations. If you are a business disposing of a large quantity of button cell batteries, please contact Energizer's Customer Service Line.

Everyday Use Batteries

Most everyday use batteries are alkaline and lithium, which in most states can be disposed of via your normal waste management process. This is possible because many years ago Energizer led the industry in eliminating heavy metals, such as mercury, from our products. Therefore, these products don’t contain any hazardous materials, as classified under federal EPA guidelines.

Rechargeable Batteries

Most rechargeable batteries used today are considered non-hazardous based on their “metal” content, which is nickel metal hydride and lithium ion. Therefore, they can be disposed of according to US federal guidelines. We do, however, ask that consumers recycle their rechargeable batteries to capture those that do contain hazardous waste such as lead acid and nickel cadmium.

We encourage you to visit Call2Recycle at or call 1-800-BATTERY, to find a convenient recycling location.

Specialty, Photo, Hearing Aid Batteries

These products can be disposed of via your normal waste management process.

Camcorder and Mobile Phone Batteries

We encourage you to recycle these types of batteries through the Call2Recycle ® program (

Battery Disposal Chart

Product Recommended Disposal Method

Energizer® Max

Household Waste

Energizer® Ultimate Lithium

Household Waste

Energizer® Advanced Lithium

Household Waste

Energizer® Rechargeable

Recycle - visit the Call2Recycle website

Eveready® Gold

Household Waste

Energizer® Specialty

Household Waste

Energizer® Hearing Aid

Household Waste