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How to Make a Simple Telegraph Set

Samuel B. Morse's invention of the telegraph in 1844 was a major step forward in rapid communication. The telegraph used a system of dots and dashes called Morse Code. Learn how to make a simple telegraph, and begin talking to your friends in code!

Materials You Will Need:

  • Energizer® Power Pack
  • Electromagnet
  • Strip of 3" to 5" metal from can
  • 3" x 1" x 1" block of wood
  • 6" piece of number 22 insulated wire
  • Switch or alternate commercial knife blade switch
  • Piece of wood for base
  • 4 nails

Please Read Carefully!

All experiments use safe, low-voltage battery power. Household electrical current contains high voltage that could cause serious injury. DO NOT use household electrical current for any of these experiments. ALL experiments should be conducted under adult supervision.

  • Carefully follow wiring instructions for each experiment. Improper wiring can result in battery leakage and/or rupture.
  • DO NOT take a battery apart. Contact with internal battery material can cause injury.
  • DO NOT dispose in fire, recharge, put in backwards, or mix with used or other battery types. This may cause the batteries to explode, leak and cause personal injury.