Disney Kids Flashlights
Designed with kid-friendly materials and features, these fun and colorful lights help bright imaginations come to life.




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Disney Princess Flashlight

Energizer® Disney® Princess LED Flashlight

For the little princess in your family, this colorful kid-friendly LED flashlight will become a...

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Disney Princess Headlight

Energizer® Disney® Princess LED Headlight

Disney® magic meets Energizer quality and reliability. This comfy and c...

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Disney Cars Kids Headlight

Energizer® Disney® Cars LED Headlight

Keep both hands on the wheel, little one! This handy and fun headlight features Lightning McQue...

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Disney Cars Kids Flashlight

Energizer® Disney® Cars LED Flashlight

When it comes to fun, put the pedal to the metal with this colorful Cars-themed LED flashlight....

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