More Energizer® Power Products

power-licensed-prod-image Energizer is much more than world-class batteries and flashlights – check out our growing family of Energizer-powered products, from USB chargers and laptop chargers to generators and automotive batteries.

USB Chargers – Dedicated Cable
Energizer Power Supplies

Keep all your USB-compatible gadgets charged up with device-specific Energizer® USB chargers.

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USB Chargers – Non-Dedicated Cable
Energizer Charging Accessories

Give your mobile devices all the power they need – at home and on the road – with Energizer® USB chargers.

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Mobile Phone & Tablet Chargers
Energizer Mobile Tablet Chargers

Enjoy chatting, texting, watching and reading by staying connected and powered up wherever you go, with Energizer® mobile phone and tablet chargers.

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Laptop Chargers
Energizer Laptop Chargers

Keep your laptops and netbooks charged and ready to go virtually anywhere in the world – with Energizer® power packs.

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Energizer Generators

Have reliable backup power ready when you need it with Energizer® generators.

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Energizer Power Inverter

Whether you’re traveling by car, boat or RV, Energizer® power inverters keep your most important electronics and small appliances running.

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Photographic Accessories
Energizer Photographic Accessories

From battery grips to flashes and more, Energizer® premium photo accessories will help you capture every moment.

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Automotive Batteries
Energizer Car Batteries

Energizer® vehicle batteries are designed for long-lasting, reliable starting power.

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Gaming Accessories
Energizer Gaming Console Chargers

Hardcore gamer? More casual escaper from reality? Energizer® Gaming Chargers are the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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Smartphone & Tablet Cases
Energizer Phone and Tablet Cases

Protect your mobile devices with Energizer® cases.

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Charging Cables
Energizer Mobile Power Cables

Lose a USB cable? Need another cable to charge two devices from one USB Charger? Check out the Energizer® USB Cables for Apple, Micro and Mini USB-powered devices.

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Wireless Accessories
Energizer Bluetooth Accessories

Energizer® wireless headsets let you talk wirelessly from your wireless-enabled mobile device while you’re on the go.

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Other Mobile Accessories
Energizer Mobile Accessories

Maximize your devices with Energizer® mobile accessories.

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Audio & Video Cables
Energizer Audio and Video Cables

Connect your devices using Energizer® Auxiliary and HDMI cables for high-quality sound and high-resolution sharing of photos and videos.

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Surge Protectors
Energizer Surge Protectors

When it comes to your electronic devices, whether at home or on the go, trust Energizer® Surge Protectors to help keep them safe and sound!

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