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Battery Recycling

Energizer® Battery Recycling Program

At Energizer, we have always designed our products with both people and the planet in mind -, it’s part of our commitment to performance plus responsibility. That's why we're proud to partner with Earth911 to help people find free battery recycling programs. Yet our focus on the environment doesn't end with safe battery disposal - we have a long history of environmental leadership, including:

  • Being the first in the industry to eliminate heavy metals from household batteries1
  • Creating the world’s longest-lasting AA and AAA batteries, Energizer® Ultimate Lithium, which lasts up to 9x longer in digital still cameras versus Energizer® MAX®2, which means up to 9x less waste3
  • Offering the No. 1 Recharge brand4 for rechargeable products that can be reused hundreds of times
  • Bringing innovative and efficient LED and lithium technology to the portable lighting category

 Why Recycle Batteries?

What to do with batteries after use and how to dispose batteries in a sustainable way is information the public needs to know. Battery recycling is an important topic for our industry. Since major household brands eliminated heavy metals from primary batteries (also known as single-use batteries, like  Energizer® MAX® alkaline) in the 1990s, most areas recommended alkaline battery disposal, along with discarding other disposable batteries, in your regular household trash.

Yet many municipalities now offer battery recycling locations. Some programs may offer cash for batteries and certain types of batteries could be eligible. Check with you local municipality to confirm guidelines in your area before throwing out old batteries. We know many of you want to know how to recycle batteries, and sometimes recycling centers can be hard to find.

That’s why Energizer has partnered with Earth911 - to make ways to recycle alkaline batteries, like Energizer® MAX®, and recycling other battiers, easy in your area. Earth911 has the largest recycling directory of its kind in the United States. Below you can search for local recycling centers using your zip code or see if curb-side recycling is available in your community. You can even find facilities that will recycle the packaging materials.

We will continue to do our part in providing a full range of innovative Energizer products so you can power your life responsibly. that’s positivenergy™

You can learn more about industry battery recycling efforts at
You can learn more about rechargeable battery recycling at
You can learn more about Energizer’s commitment to sustainability at

1 Commercially available since 1991
2 Results vary by camera.
3 Use fewer batteries, create less waste.
4 According to market survey data.