Quiz Game

Materials You Will Need:

  • Energizer® Power Pack
  • Masking tape
  • Bulb holder or alternate insulated bulb holder
  • 2 pencils (or two drywall nails)
  • 16 paper clips
  • 8" x 12" cardboard piece
  • Kitchen Foil
  • Ruler
  • (2) 12" pieces and (8) 16" pieces of number 22 insulated copper bell wire with approximately 1" of insulation stripped off all ends

Please Read Carefully!

All experiments use safe, low-voltage battery power. Household electrical current contains high voltage that could cause serious injury. DO NOT use household electrical current for any of these experiments. ALL experiments should be conducted under adult supervision.

  • Carefully follow wiring instructions for each experiment. Improper wiring can result in battery leakage and/or rupture.
  • DO NOT take a battery apart. Contact with internal battery material can cause injury.
  • DO NOT dispose in fire, recharge, put in backwards, or mix with used or other battery types. This may cause batteries to explode, leak and cause personal injury.

Steps to Make a Quiz Game:
  1. Draw 7 lines across cardboard. Develop your own questions and answers about a subject that interests you. Write questions on left side. Mix up the answers and write them down on the right side.
  2. Attach paper clips to both ends of the 16" wires. Attach one clip from each wire to a question.
  3. Keeping wire behind the card, push paper clip at other end of wire onto correct answer
  4. Wrap two pencils tightly in kitchen foil to serve as probes (or use drywall nails). Attach 12" wire to probes with tape. Take one probe and attach other end of 12" wire to positive (+) lead of your Energizer® Power Pack. Attach 12" wire from second probe to bulb holder. Connect other bulb holder wire to negative (-) lead of your Energizer® Power Pack.
  5. Place one pencil probe on paper clip by a question. Place the other probe by an answer. The bulb will light when the match is correct.

You can write different quizzes to help you study different school subjects—or make a trivia quiz game just for fun!