Energizer® Compact LED Light


Lightweight and simple to use, the Energizer® LED Pocket Light fits easily into a pocket, handbag or backpack. Featuring the latest in LED technology, the compact Pocket Light delivers a bright uniform light, powerful beam distance and long lasting runtime.  It is an optimal solution for a convenient light to locate keyholes or any misplaced objects. The Energizer® Pocket Light is your solution to portable, compact bright light.

Mode light outputLight Output run timeRun
beam distanceBeam Distance impact resistanceImpact Resistant water resistanceWater Resistant
On 45 19 hours 44 meters 1 meter

Product Details

  • Optimal size to easily transport in your pocket or handbag
  • Textured switch is easy to find
  • Easily attach to lanyard or keychain ring
  • Can illuminate objects up to 44 meters, providing ample light for finding keyholes or misplaced objects
  • Excellent runtime
  • Features LED technology
  • Operates on 2 AAA batteries (Includes 2 AAA Energizer MAX® AA batteries)