Energizer ® Performance Metal Tactical Light (300)

PMHT1L TAC 250.H03.2k
PMHT1L TAC 250.H03.2k
ENR_ENPMHT1L_TAC300_Metal Light_Lifestyle_Electrician2_GLOBAL
ENR_ENPMHT1L_TAC300_Metal Light_Lifestyle_Electrician2_GLOBAL

The Energizer ® TAC 300 is a high performing and durable light in a very compact and lightweight body. The smaller size makes this the perfect light to carry with you and have, no matter what life throws at you. Its durable aircraft-grade aluminum construction makes this light a very reliable option for emergency situations. The removable clip that can be used in both orientations brings the versatility you need to clip it wherever you need while working on your DIY project. The high performance and brightness provides the perfect light no matter what the task is.

Mode light outputLight Output run timeRun
beam distanceBeam Distance impact resistanceImpact Resistant water resistanceWater Resistant
30 2 Hours 100 m 1 Meter IPX4

Product Details

  • Rear push button to easily change modes while holding the light
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Removable clip that can be used in both orientations
  • Durable aircraft grade aluminum
  • Shatterproof lens
  • Features LED Technology
  • Operates on 1 CR123 Battery
  • Up to 15X brighter than standard LED technology
  • Emergency Strobe
  • See FCC Statement