Energizer® Vision HD Ultra 6AA Performance Metal Light with Digital Focus


The Energizer® VISION HD Ultra with Digital Focus delivers high-performance innovation with an exceptional light output brightness and hours of runtime. The Energizer patented Digital Focus technology allows consumers to choose their optimal array of light between focused and area light by simply pressing the light switch. Unique MAXVIZ technology enables users to experience  sharp, high-definition performance with daylight color and wide, uniform light output. This new light is our brightness light with 1500 Lumens and with its aircraft grade aluminum, it delivers exceptional quality and durability. The Energizer Vision HD Ultra is dependable and perfect for indoor situations such as DIY project and power outages, as well as outdoor activities such as camping. 

Mode light outputLight Output run timeRun
beam distanceBeam Distance impact resistanceImpact Resistant water resistanceWater Resistant
High 1500 lumens 4 hours 230 meters 1 meter IPX4
Low 250 Lumens 15 hours -- 1 meter IPX4

Product Details

  • Durable Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • One handed focusing operation: Digital Focus
  • Versatility: multiple modes
  • 20 Years Design to Last based on typical consumer usage patterns
  • Strobe mode: hold switch for 2 seconds to activate 4.25 Hz strobe light
  • Shatterproof Lens
  • Up to 15X Brighter than Standard LED Technology
  • Long Run Time
  • MAXVIZ Technology to deliver a wide, powerful and high-definition vision
  • See FCC Statement