How to Build a Power Pack

Materials You Will Need:
  • Energizer MAX® D batteries, out of the package
  • Electrical tape
  • Insulated number 22 copper wire
  • Two metal paper clips

Please Read Carefully!

All experiments use safe, low-voltage battery power. Household electrical current contains high voltage that could cause serious injury. DO NOT use household electrical current for any of these experiments. ALL experiments should be conducted under adult supervision.

  • Carefully follow wiring instructions for each experiment. Improper wiring can result in battery leakage and/or rupture.
  • DO NOT take a battery apart. Contact with internal battery material can cause injury.
  • DO NOT dispose in fire, recharge, put in backwards, or mix with used or other battery types. This may cause batteries to explode, leak and cause personal injury.

Steps to Building an Energizer® Power Pack:

  1. energizer-max-d-batteries1. Place the two batteries side by side with the positive terminal right side up on one battery and the negative terminal right side up on the other. Use electrical tape around the middle of the batteries to secure them together.
  2. 2. Standing the batteries upright, place a paper clip between the positive and negative contacts. Use two four-inch pieces of electrical tape to secure the paper clip in place on both batteries.energizer-batteries-paperclip
  3. cut-pieces-of-wire3. Cut two pieces of wire about 6 inches long. Strip approximately one-half inch of insulation from each end of the wires.
  4. 4. Turn the battery pack over, exposing the two unused battery contacts. Place the stripped portion of one of the wires on a battery contact and secure it in place with a four-inch piece of electrical tape. Repeat this procedure with the other battery and wire. battery-wire-contact
  5. completed-energizer-power-pack5. The pack is now ready to provide power to your experiments. It is important that the bare wires do not touch each other and cause a short circuit. We recommend that you temporarily cover the end of these bare wires with electrical tape to avoid accidental shorting of the batteries.
  6. 2-cell-d-battery-holderAn alternative option would be to purchase a 2 cell D size battery holder as shown. Now that you've built your Energizer® Power Pack, you're ready to begin exploring the science of batteries brought to you by Energizer!