Steady Hand Game

Is your hand quicker than your eye? Hand to eye coordination is part of almost every activity you undertake. You can build this game to develop your skill.

Materials you will need:
  • Energizer® Power Pack
  • Bulb holder
  • One piece of bare solid copper wire about 30” long
  • No. 22 insulated copper wire
  • Lid from a shoe box and masking tape
  1. 1. Cut a long piece of insulated #22 wire at least 2’ in length. Strip 3 inches of insulation off one end and make a loop to form a wand.looped-insulated-copper-wire
  2. 2. Bend the 30” bare wire in a curly line. You can bend it vertical, horizontal, or in any shape you want. 30-inch-bent-copper-wire
  3. 3. Put the curly wire through the wand and place ends through holes punched in box lid. Bend over wire ends in opposite directions as shown and tape to the inside.copper-wire-insertion
  4. 4. Use insulated wire to connect from the positive of the power pack to one end of the curly bare wire. Connect the negative end of the power pack to the light bulb holder and then the other end of the bulb holder to the wand. Use electrical tape at the ends of the curly wire so the light will be off when the end is reached. When the game is not in use the wand should rest at the end so that the light is not left on and the batteries are not discharged.energizer-power-pack-attachment
  5. 5. Try to pass the loop all the way over the curly wire without lighting the bulb. energizer-max-battery-complete-circuit

If the wand touches the wire, the circuit is complete and the bulb turns on. As your skill increases, put more bends in the curly wire. Play with family and friends and see who can complete the challenge faster.